German language classes for students in Dortmund

You want to study in Germany – we have the right course for you! After a placement test you can start at any level anytime from A1 to C1. Choose to learn the German language at our institute, we’ll prepare you perfectly for all exams. On level C1 you will not only get a comprehensive DSH training but we’ll also offer you the language skills you need to pass other exams like TestDaF or telc C1 Hochschule.

Wir bieten Online-Unterricht in allen Intensivkursen von A1 bis C1 und in Zusatzkursen an

Im Online-Kurs lernen Sie mittels einer digitalen Plattform (Moodle) im virtuellen Klassenzimmer. Unsere erfahrenen Lehrkräfte moderieren das Lernen live, so dass Sie fast wie im Präsenzunterricht mit Ihrer Lehrkraft und mit den anderen Teilnehmenden Ihres Kurses kommunizieren und lernen können. Umfangreiche Materialien werden Ihnen digital zur Verfügung gestellt. Sobald es möglich ist, können Sie dann in unserer Schule vor Ort in Dortmund weiterlernen. Für weitere Details klicken Sie bitte hier.

Due to a long cooperation with the TU Dortmund we know what you need for the DSH test. Right from level A1 we’ll provide you with techniques and strategies for reading comprehension, listening comprehension and text production. In case you cannot register for the DSH exam at a university, you can take the telc C1 exam for universities at pdL. The telc C1 certificate is accepted at all German universities.

You’ll get to know Dortmund and its surrounding area by excursions to some interesting places around and together we get in touch with German culture and history. We’ll visit modern industrial companies, museums or universities and have a good time at one of our pdL-parties.

Sports fans are welcome to our football and table tennis groups to enjoy the activity, meet current and former pdL-students and talk about living and studying in Germany.

pdL confirmations of participation are of course officially accepted for visa extension.

Advisory and tips on how best to start your studies are of course part of our service. And we are good at finding solutions when it comes to problems with your university approval, visa or alike.


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