Integration courses

Integration courses in cooperation with the BAMF:

  • Integration course: In about 6 months (600 lessons) we provide you with all the German language skills you need for the DTZ-test (B1 / A2).
  • Integration course / Literacy course: You will also learn to read and write. The course takes 9 months (900 lessons, 300 additional lessons possible) and prepares you for the DTZ-test.
  • Zweitschriftlernerkurse: You can read and write in non-Latin characters but you don’t know the Latin alphabet? The course takes 9 months (900 lessons) and prepares you for the DTZ-test.
  • After successfully finishing one of these courses you join the Orientierungskurs: In about 1 month (100 lessons) you learn a lot about German history, politics and culture and take the test „LiD – Leben in Deutschland“ (accepted as citizenship test if passed successfully).
  • Course for repeaters: Need to improve your test result to B1? This course offers an additional 300 lessons (ca. 3 months) to prepare even better for the DTZ-test.

Classes start on all levels at any given date, a placement test will help to find the right class for you. At the end of your course you will be able to use spoken and written German in your everyday life and we are sure you will have made new friends too.

You can find us right in the city centre (and close to the public transport) in:

  • Münsterstraße 9-11 (registration and classrooms)
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 20 (classrooms)

Lessons are from 9 am to 1 pm from Monday to Friday (5 lessons a day).
Courses for repeaters are also held in the afternoon (2 pm to 6.15 pm).

Who can take part?

  • Do you have a residence permit? Are you an EU citizen? Are you a registered refugee? Is your asylum procedure still in progress? Do you have a tolerance permit and/or are you registered as a job-seeker at the „Agentur für Arbeit“? Has your asylum application been accepted? Then it should be possible for you to join an integration course. Please see us to talk about your options and the documents you need to join a course at pdL.
  • The JobCenter or the Ausländerbehörde gave you a “Verpflichtung”? Please see us to talk about your options and the documents you need to join a integration course.
  • Your situation or status is different from these? Please come to our office, we will be pleased to help (see contact).

How much does it cost?

There are different answers to this question:

  • For free: If you have a “Verpflichtung” and exemption from costs (JobCenter or Ausländerbehörde) or the BAMF gave you a course admission. DTZ and LiD-test for free too.
  • 229 € per module: If you have a “Verpflichtung” (JobCenter or Ausländerbehörde) or the BAMF gave you a course admission but you don’t draw any other benefits from the JobCenter or Sozialamt. DTZ and LiD-test for free.
  • 330 € per module plus test fee if you belong to neither of these groups.

Please contact our office (contact) or ask our friendly staff at the information desk in our café for basic information (opening times, course and test dates, documents you need for your application etc.)

All information available for download.

Course dates / Course fees