German for medical professions

For foreign professionals in the medical field who want to prepare for the Fachsprachenprüfung der Ärztekammer as prerequisite for approbation.

The course focusses on the three exam components doctor-patient conversation, written documentation and doctor-doctor communication. Your listening comprehension will be trained as well as your oral and writing skills. In class you will learn about and practise the following topics:

  • specialist vocabulary in medicine and pharmacy
  • communicating with patients
  • anamnesis and anamneses documentation
  • informing patients about diagnostic and therapeutic measures
  • writing medical reports
  • handing over and discussing cases
  • Dokumentation der Anamnese
  • lectures about leading symptoms, diagnostic measures and common diseases

Visit to a hospital


pdL-students of the course ‚Deutsch für medizinische Berufe‘ behind the scenes

Dr. med. Martin Langer, head physician of the central emergency room at the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Unna, welcomed our participants and showed them around the medical facilities. The interventional radiology and endscopy were as well part of our visit as the operating theatre. Of course there was also time for professional exchange in a relaxed atmosphere with coffee and cake.