German courses for students: A1-A2-B1

These courses cover essential and basic German: grammar, vocabulary, spoken and written German. We will talk about life in Germany, economy, its political and culture. Our classes are intensive, interesting, individual – and fun. You will learn to express your ideas in writing and manage your everyday life using the German language. At the end of B1 you should be able to converse freely in German, even about complex issues.

At PDL you don’t only learn excellent standard German, called Hochdeutsch, but also colloquial speech enabling you to communicate with friends and other students in your leisure time.

Coursebook: „Spektrum“, available at pdL on your first course day.

Grammar: „Übungsgrammatik für die Grundstufe“ von Liebaug-Dartmann, ISBN 978-3-922989-70-7

Dates / Fees